7 comments on “PETE’S HOPPER.

  1. I test unknown waters, especially small ones that one stumbles onto, by scooping a few natural hoppers up with my hat and popping them into the head of a pool. You learn very quickly if there’s a specked thing around.

    I never fish them, funnily enough. They are bulky and play hell with tippets. There’s probably a(nother) technique for me to learn to get this right.

    • Agreed on the tippet issues, but a size 16 hopper is a whole lot easier on twist than wide flies like RABs. I must say that this little hopper hasn’t presented much of a problem and I don’t have any special tricks.

  2. Will give it a try. Me and my ten thumbs. I use an ant when they’re feeding on terrestrials- even when they’re focussed on one terrestrial species they seem happy to take an ant. Some I read in an Ed Herbst article years ago. Ironically.

    • Ants are good, but I have always found small hoppers to be better, but that’s just me! I have added a basic recipe in my reply to MarkW.

  3. Peter – it looks like an interesting hopper pattern. I would be interested in seeing a picture from the side so that I might be more visible, a list the materials you used, and anything unique about the tying sequence. All the best – markw

    • Thanks Mark. I leave for a mountain trip early Saturday so am busy preparing so will get back to you with more information and pictures after Wednesday next week. For now it has a cylindrical foam abdomen cut as described in an earlier blog post, red/orange antron, a couple of turns of brown CDC and the deer hair wing and of course rubber legs. The CDC helps to create the sensation of movement in the drift and adds to the profile. Catch you later next week.

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