1. Hi Pete

    If I have failed to respond to your recent emails but I have just had a session with my IT guy in to fix up my email programme that had become so slow it was unworkable. And I find now that there are 300 + emails I never got that I now need to reply to.

    Great stream the Karringmelk, probably the best in South Africa when it’s on song after a few seasons of rain. It will be popping next year!!

    Spoke to Dave Walker re the Third Edition of Hunting Trout and he seems well enough. No news of Basie.

    All the best


    • Thank you Tom. I hope that your website can be resolved soon. It is looking really good.
      Agreed also on the KMS. You were partly responsible for me first going there. We spoke about it soon after you had visited, I think the upper section at Lammergeyer with Jacque Rudolf and others. The trip where you needed to do a stitching job on Jacques’s leg torn by barbed wire.
      In my humble opinion the best stream/river in SA.
      All the best.

  2. Lovely photos and write-up Pete, and some regret for an opportunity lost. For it was on your recommendation about 6 years ago now that I booked a stay – but was washed out by torrential rains when the time came. Arrived late at night, in pouring rain, to find the river crossing impassable, and no phone signal to let Alf and Denise know. Barely enough room to turn the car around on the narrow gravel road, found the petrol station at Lady Grey closed, and pushed on to Aliwal North on fumes. Some adventure! I must visit and fish the Karnemelkspruit in the future.

    • Thank you Justin. It is a very special stream. One that I wished I could get back to more often. As with visits to that part of the world, it’s a long haul that needs almost a full days travel from all the major centers. Weather has affected a few of my fishing trips to the N E Cape. I prefer the autumn period from late March to mid-May when summer storms are easing off and the weather is cooler and more settled. It’s also when the picturesque countryside takes on its shades of yellows, oranges and reds – perfect for photography in the softer autumn light.


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