1. Wow. Looks amazing. I’ve been meaning to go there for a few years now but it seems like a real haul. Also not the place to get stuck alone. The fish look magnificent. I’ve heard tales of how difficult they can be there and more than anything I’m concerned about my meager abilities with a rod than anything else. I think I might give them a go after the first spring rains when the world starts waking up again.

    • It is a very special place, basic facilities and not the kind of ablution facilities that most ladies would appreciate, fishing is challenging and there have been times when I have had just a couple of fish over two to three days. But, the brownies are beautiful and on average better than most other Berg brown trout streams. I must make a point of getting back there more often. Lets hope the spring rains are not as late this year as in the previous few seasons.

      • You can’t rely on the weather anymore. This spring was shocking. Three trips left me with my rod in its tube. After the first decent rains I’m going up there. I’m not too grand to take a good ‘ole BK….

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