10 comments on “THE INJISUTHI

  1. Lovely story and beautiful fish! You have inspired me to get to the Berg soon! Thank you

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    On Thu, 21 Jan 2021 at 12:26, Call of the Stream wrote:

    > Peter posted: ” Upstream of the hunted camp with the iNjisuthi Buttress > lit by the first rays of the sun. Many streams have their source deep in > the KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg Mountains, some well-known, others less so. > One of these is the iNjisuthi, a wisp of a stream” >

  2. Thanks Pete, brings out many happy memories. It is a beautiful spot and the campsites are really well laid out as well.

  3. Pete, a lovely reminder of staying at the camp with friends, fishing and walking around this area. My favourite spot in the berg. Being so far away now and looking at these pictures and your words I’m reminded of just how special this place really is. So many memories of very special times!

    • Thank you Mark. When I put this together, I thought of you knowing how much you liked the iNjisuthi and the times you have spent there. Our trips together going back many years, including the Dog Nobber weekends, bring back many happy memories.

      Craig and I are making plans for another overnight trip as soon as the Covid dust begins to settle.

  4. Hi Peter

    I wanted to write to you and express my gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge of small stream fly fishing so freely through both your book, Call of the Stream, as well as your blog of the same name.

    I recently returned from a trip to iNjisuthi, and following the advice taken from your book I actually managed to land a few of the “village idiots” from some of the small pools on both the iNjisuthi and Delumniwazini rivers. They may have been small but they certainly are the most beautiful trout I have ever seen. It was something of a bucket list item and I am already planning my return. I started fishing at the age of 5 , 55 years ago, and can quite honestly say that this was one of the most memorable trips I have been on, combining both my love of the Drakensburg mountains and fly fishing. It took a while as I bought your book in around June 2019 but it was well worth the wait.
    In a sport where knowledge is more often that not a very closely guarded secret your book saved me years of frustration and large sums of school fees. Thank you so much.

    Kind regards.

    Warren Stead

  5. Hi Warren,
    Thank you for your kind words. One of the greatest rewards foe me is to receive comments like yours to indicate that my book and blog have been an inspiration to others and to enjoy small stream fly fishing as much as I do.
    INjisuthi is indeed a beautiful place and the joys it brings fishing the stream for it small rainbows. I discovered a long time ago that I was drawn to these places for their infectious charms and that the size of the fish, in no way the reduced the pleasures I derived from being in these pristine environments and the challenges of fishing light lines and tiny flies, dries in particular.
    Thank you again.

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