4 comments on “FISHING ALONE

  1. It may seem strange to some to fish alone, but for for me about 95% of my past 31 years of fly fishing trips has been alone… not because I want to, it’s just that the circumstances had it that I didn’t have close friends at these times that shared my passion (I grew up in a rock and surf fishing family and area that didn’t care much for fly fishing), so I had to, and thought it quite normal to, fish alone (and having to travel long distances alone to get there).
    It’s only lately that I have had much more opportunities to fly fish with people and it is awesome new experience for me, but when you are used to fishing alone it is just as awesome to have the unhurried solitude.🤔👍😁

  2. Thank you Arno, comments appreciated. Although I do fish more regularly now with a buddy or two, in earlier days, I fished almost exclusively on my own and enjoyed it as I do now occasionally. On my own I find I have more time to slow down, take it all in and smell the roses.

  3. People are full of it, solo or with family is my thing. I do enjoy the occational outting with vlub guys.

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