2 comments on “STOCKING BOXES

  1. I’ll take your rejects. A quick brushing through some low hanging branches and they’ll plump out.

    I’m a paragraph or five into a piece but yours is better so I’ll can it and share the thought that got me scribbling (or whatever the electronic equivalent is).

    Gerhardt told me a few years ago that the secret to tying was to not use the first four flies of a tying session. “Give them to a friend”, he suggested wisely.

    Now, I took the lesson to heart and while my friends seem entirely disinterested in my twentieth fly of a session my son, who knows no better, ties them on without even the faintest twitch in his body language.

    This system has worked well for me and I’ve come to think I’m pretty smart – until last night, that is. I read some Tom Sutcliffe, got all fired up, and went off to create some order in my boxes.

    Damnit if I don’t have pattern after pattern tied by the very same Gerhardt Goosen of the “give the duds to your friends” school of fly tying philosophy. The wily bugger must have been sniggering into his beard all this time.

    Anyhow, I tied 20 careful nymphs in a little more time than it should take (and none of them hold a candle to his chuck-always).

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