6 comments on “TYING THE WOLF SPIDER.

  1. Thanks Andrew. I have been preoccupied with other stuff recently. Let’s make it a Wolf Spider day on a stream sometime 😉

  2. Hi Peter. Thanks for very clear and concise instructions except for 1 part (for me). In tying the foam over the hurl (pt 7), does one secure it in the 2mm gap left between the hurl and the post referred to in pt 6?

    Thanks, very keen to tie and try!

    • Hi Gillies, thank you. I will have a closer look and make amendments if necessary. No, the gap must be kept clear. It is in this gap that I tie the back legs. I find it easier than tying the foam to the base of the post and then the legs over the tied down foam. I hope this is clearer?

      • Great, got it thanks. You also answered a question that i needed to ask but didn’t know i needed to until you answered it – where on ties in the back legs. (hope it makes sense)

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