3 comments on “DONE AND DUSTED

  1. Hello Peter,
    A few years ago now I purchased some copies of your excellent book Call of the Stream, which you kindly signed for me and shipped to the warehouse I Midrand for me to collect. You may remember that I mentioned an uncle of mine, Dick Southworth (sadly now passed on) who was in your book – one of the signed copies went to him and he was delighted with it.

    I would like to get two copies of the new book that you co-authored with Ed Herbst (signed, if possible). Please let me know if this is possible, and how I can make payment to you ?

    Many thanks Peter and tight lies !

    Kind regards

    • Hello Seamus,

      Good to hear from you again and I do recall our previous communication. I’m sorry to hear about your Grandfathers passing.

      Time is an issue for me at the moment as I’m leaving shortly for the US and won’t be back until mid-January. And, as I don’t currently have any of my own stock left, I will need to first order from the Publishers, which means I’m can only supply towards the end of January. However, if it is urgent, the new book that I brought Ed Herbst in to co-author with me, “South African Fishing Flies. An anthology of milestone patterns”, can be purchased directly online from the Publishers, Struik, the major Exclusive Books stores or online at Takealot that are currently running a special.

      Obviously, this will be without signatures. Because I live in KZN and Ed in the Cape it is always a little difficult to get both signatures.

      Let me know which route you’d like to follow and I’ll see if something can be worked out.

      Kind regards


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