2 comments on “DISPLAYING FLIES

  1. Clever Peter,
    I loved what you did with your display. To be honest I was rather disappointed that not a single fly tier at the show, bar myself and James Christmas, had taken the time or effort to showcase any of their signature flies. Doing so enables the general public to be able to engage with the fly tier and ask questions on how curtain flies are constructed and the thought processes behind their development. Not all but a large majority of fly fisherman visit fly fairs in Europe purely to meet, watch and pick the brains of fly tiers that have given them inspiration over the years within the sport.

    • Thanks Simon,
      I wanted to tie a few flies as well, but with the number of people passing through I never got the chance. I don’t consider myself particularly good at tying flies. What I do enjoy is being as creative as I can, tweaking good patterns and making them simpler to tie, but not taking away any of their qualities – I tie flies to fish, not for showcases 🙂 Taking this route I have a few now that I can safely call my own and that have become signature flies.
      I do agree with your comments about fly tyers displaying their flies. A point for Gordon at the next expo.

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