4 comments on “WHERE DID YOU SAY IT IS?

  1. Very nicely done Mr Brigg.

    I see a few views being acknowledged and understand the caution. I could argue for or against all of them. I’m pretty conflicted right now in terms of my fishing, where I fish and who I fish with. It was easier in the more than a decade where I fished entirely alone.

    I heard a lot of voices in this. But I mainly heard (as I do with most things) a song lyric.

    Well those drifters days are past me now
    I’ve got so much more to think about
    Deadlines and commitments
    What to leave in, what to leave out

    – Bob Seger.

    What to leave in and what to leave out is the hard part.

    • Thank you Andrew.
      There are indeed arguments in favour and against the different points of view.
      In respect of those places deep in the mountains, it’s easy because few will go there and those that do want to be there and are likely share similar values. It’s the stretches closer to home within easy striking distance that the dilemma is whether or not they are spoken about. The problem being is that most are in conservation areas where there is no control on use so there is always a good chance that you will be fishing in the footsteps of others a pool or two ahead of you. It’s why I now try and fish these streams mid-week to avoid the ‘crowd’. My feeling is it’s better still not to spread the word, certainly not on social media.
      I have been through phases with my fishing, but always come back to fishing alone or with one or two likeminded companions. It’s only on extended mountain trips where groups of 4 are wise for mostly safety reasons.
      We must talk more about this when we meet again with our lunch group or over a beer sometime.
      I always value your comments
      I like Bob Seger too 🙂

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