2 comments on “THE RESCUE

  1. Hei Peter – nice write-up. A fine choice photos of an appreciated (if only anthropomorphized) Karmic moment. All things being connected – in the chain of life – it is not difficult to fathom such karma being extended your -and Craig’s- way for a good deed rendered. Besides, if such belief instills regular Acts of Kindness, then I will gladly accept this doctrine over some insipidly lethargic idea of no connection. I see no value in such negative ideology built upon dispassionate cut-n-dry logic, that provides little to no impetus to step-up to a higher level of expectation in life; not needing a reason to do so, other than it being, ‘…the right thing to do’. This is the bench upon which a human’s quality-of-Character is made. Always beneficial to insure a positive nod, in the realm of Character development. Kudos. -AOJ

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