6 comments on “Skinny Dipping

  1. I often think about this. Like a lot of things trouty it’s something of an enigma. Beads fall into this category also. How a big brass bead at the head of the fly actually attracts rather than repelling fish confuses me.

    I’ve resolved that the best thing to do is to simply not think about it. We don’t have the frame of reference to think about it. Until we can one day interview a few fish and have them tell us what on earth goes through that pea brain of theirs all we are doing is to ascribe to them a human pattern of thinking.

    I like unsolved questions and complete enigmas. Remove them from the pastime and I fear that the entire enterprise will lose all of it appeal.

    Happy new year Peter. May the year bring you peace and happiness.

  2. Thanks Andrew. I have written before on beads and for a long time resited using them, even now they aren’t my go to pattern. We talk of imitating the insects of our streams – I have yet to find a big bald headed specimen and especially in colour like floro orange, pink or bright green. However, I know they are effective and are useful in getting down in certain conditions. And, the middle Mooi River browns have a particular penchant for flies with an orange bead – my Mooi River Hooker has proved it.
    So where does the enigma leave us? For now instead of ‘sits and thinking, I’ll just sit” – however, as with you I’m pretty sure, this will be an impossibility for me.

    Always enjoy your thoughts Andrew – thanks and the very best of New Years to you – time to cast a line together.

  3. Peter,
    Have been enjoying your blog and photography for awhile now. All very good. After 52 years of tying flies to match the hatch and catching fish with the same fly until nothing is left but a few loose wraps of black thread and two gnarled strands of deer hair, I can honestly say it doesn’t really matter most of the time and that presentation is critical. In the circles of anglers I’ve associated with over the years many have said, and I confirm, that brook trout can often be caught on a bare hook. Lately I’ve taken a shine to Oliver Kite’s (“Nymph Fishing In Practice”) Bare Hook Nymph, which is a small ball of copper wire wrapped on the hook near the eye. It is deadly and takes all of 5 seconds to construct.
    I hope you post and fish long.
    Phil Foster
    Medford, Oregon USA

  4. Thank you Phil, it is always rewarding to receive positive feedback. I agree with your views and in particular that the importance of presentation is overlooked and fly choice blamed for not catching. Oliver Kite had some wonderful patterns. I will certainly give the Bare Hook nymph a try.
    The very best to you for 2017

  5. Hi Peter I am John,

    nail on the head, I have had the very same question rattling about in the back of my head for years. How could a trout not see that great big curved pointy metal thing? Do the trout not learn? Obviously they do because when you are clumsy they soon shoot off to some safe dark little corner, but maybe that is on ‘old’ preprogrammed behavior that has kept the species alive for aeons, protected them from obvious predation, but a hook is a ‘new’ small and much more subtle threat. So maybe as was posted previously it gets ignored, negated and becomes ‘invisible’ in favour of the more attractive positive attributes of the fly presented…..maybe the point is unless the hook negatively affects the overall attractivesness of the offering as a whole then it really is not important and since man has been catching trout on artificials for hundreds of years, this fact of itself is sufficient proof to conclude that the hook largely does not matter…….in spite of any hard eveidence either way – that’ll do for me.

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