2 comments on “ONE FLY DAY

  1. I have both the original and what I think is the final upgrade in that tobacco tin where I keep the flies of friends and people who’s tying I admire. I suppose that I should fish them some time, but I like looking at them occasionally.

    I got a fright more than once with those damned spiders. At a glance they are frighteningly accurate.

    Thanks for the share Peter.

    You speak about casting to sighted fish. Were they visibly feeding or did you walk and spot? I rarely walk and spot but I did it a bit yesterday. Was fun. I sort of look at a run for a minute to see if anything is moving and then fish the likely bits. I’m not terribly systematic in anything that I do.

  2. Thanks Andrew. I don’t think you have the latest? I will tie you a couple to try. They were also the business on a Cape stream this weekend proving their appeal on S A streams generally.

    Mostly walking and spotting (not very good at it). There were a few on the prod which made it easier for me.

    I do enjoy walking and spotting though, It slows things down and improves awareness and alertness. But, if I don’t see anything I try and cast to all the likely holding lies.

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