4 comments on “HE AIN’T HEAVY

  1. Hi Peter, a thoroughly enjoyable piece of writing and it makes you think too. Enjoyed the words from “He ain’t heavy”. Best regards, Roy

  2. Spot on Peter. My eyesight loses focus and my brain starts to melt when I see the number of variations carried in most boxes. Caddis or mayfly is about as complex as it gets for us here. Mainly slim and mainly dark. Job done.

    As for weight, drop an elephant and a giraffe off the high diving board. See which goes deeper most quickly. Physics doesn’t lie.

  3. A good analysis of nymph fishing which I find complimentary to dry fly fishing and requiring a bit more imagination for fulfillment, although, as you point out, it needn’t be as complicated as some make it out to be.

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