15 comments on “A RED LETTER DAY

  1. Dear Peter,

    Heartiest congratulations re :

    an email from the publishers, “We have pleasure in advising you that we have accepted your book proposal and agree to publish, “South African Flies – An Anthology of Milestone Patterns.

    I look forward to ordering a copy, hopefully from your good self.

    Best Regards

    Keith Watson



    • Thank you Keith. I have added you to the pre-publication list. Please send me your email address by message on Facebook page – thanks and best regards.

    • Thank you. It has taken a while, but a relief now that it’s all systems go. The section of stream visited has great potential and a gist planned as soon as conditions improve – the drought has been devastating.

    • Yes it is. It will be signed by me, but because Ed is in CT, it will be necessary to get his later when you are perhaps in the Western Cape. Let me know when you are ready and I can get it to you, but rush. Email brigg.peter1@gmail.com

  2. Thanks Peter – I’ll be able to hook up with tomorrow afternoon. Let me have your mobile number and I’ll set it up with you. Cheers

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