1. Haven’t seen one of those in ages. As kids we would spend most of our leisure time on a small stream in Prestbury & water scorpions were quite common.

    • Thanks for the comment Tony – I’m afraid not many of today’s kids get exposed to the things we did when we were young without the distractions they have at their disposal now. We explored a lot, discovered things and scratched around in the dirt, usually barefoot.

  2. Great photos of a small but fascinating event. It’s amazing what we can see and wonder about if we take the time to keep our senses open while fishing and hiking.

    • Thanks, I can’t resist these little distractions when I come across them and I guess its all part of fishing and being part of the natural world.

  3. Hi Peter those pics are marvelous. We still get them here in Camperdown although more often a dried out one than a live one. Like Tony I grew up in the Prestbury area and had a little stream at the bottom of our yard. Boy we had a lot of fun there and in the Municipal wattle plantations behind us. I did see one shedding its skin but only the last stage and it was over in 5 minutes.

    • Thank you Roy. Many of the children today don’t experience the adventures we had with nothing to distract us with modern technology – we had to make out own fun a lot of the time,

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