9 comments on “SKUNKED

    • Thank you Mar. These are indeed special places and although I go there to fish, sometimes it is almost secondary as one becomes caught up in the beauty and all nature has to offer.

  1. You had me with the title, but you invited me in with no appetite for retreat with this line, “… a doglike happiness of being outside and off your lead. ” My tail began wagging. I barked like a pup. And dance with shear glee and never moved a muscle. My brain so loves what you do amid the neuron jungle. A delight. Must be a combination of those eggs and the skunking. Must be the sulfur. Hmm, did you happen to try any of them – tossed to the trout? No, not the eggs .. but sulfurs. 😉 Scribble again soon, the neurons need more dancing! Best! 😉

    • Thank you Les, appreciate and always enjoy your comments. As I have said before it is rewarding that others enjoy some of what I commit to writing. I do it for the pleasure I derive and as a modern journal of sorts, recording the events and little things that go on in my life from time to time.

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