1. Indeed Rex. Character building for sure. Those that haven’t been privileged to do it probably won’t understand, but living in wilderness for a few days, with all you need on your back and at the mercy of the elements is special. Age changes things though – strength is not the same, pains that appear out of nowhere remind you that you played rugby once and did long distance running, joints and back are need of re-greasing – not that it will help, but I’m thankful for the many years and adventures I had in the mountains and still do at lower levels mainly with a fly rod in hand.

  2. I often wonder why is that the Berg has so much sway? I have done a fair amount of tramping, bagging the experiences that go with it but find that the ‘Berg keeps me ‘hanging on’. There are so many moving parts – best I find, is the moving from one world to another, with the different cultures stoking my intrigue. All the best for 2016 Pete.

    • Thanks George. Its a place that gets into your blood, just everything about it, the moods, the stunning mountain vistas, the sounds, smells and the fauna and flora, to name a few things. Also the people you share it with and the surrounding rural communities. Have a great 2016.

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