4 comments on “BOYHOOD MEMORIES

  1. I have that same tin. In it I keep some flies left to me by a man who influenced my worldview in many ways.

    Thanks Peter, I love sentimentalism. In a chuck-away world it’s something very precious.

  2. I am 87 years of age now and in my 63rd year of Fly Fishing and Tying under my belt and needless to say a very huge amount of tools and materials.and very many fond memories and friends like Barry Kent. I have no regrets and enjoyed every minute of my life. My “Tin of Flies” does not contain Flies at all but fond memories of events and dear friends I met along the way , such as Barry Kent whose company and friendship I still enjoy. Frankly this game of ours has shaped my life , that and a wonderful wife Letitia who encouraged it. Ed Rapisardi

    • Thank you for your comments Ed. Flyfishers have much in common and the journeys we have followed through a life of fly fishing.

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