1. Fantastic Peter! I smiled the whole way through. The ubiquitous fishing truck, too worthless for anything else but too valuable to be discarded.
    A friend had an old Isuzu KB and we made up the distant rearguard of a trip to Jozini to catch tigers. One lazy bugger in the group would always wake up long after the sun and the rest of us and would nurse his hangover while we did camp chores and loaded boats.
    We hatched a dastardly plan while casting one afternoon into a channel (and over a few chilled quarts) and that afternoon on our return we parked the KB ‘just so’.
    At dawn the next morning we eased off the handbrake (a rock) and slid it slowly backwards until the tailpipe was well into Shirker’s tent. A quick twist of the key and the noxious black fumes could be seen coming out of the tent’s furthest flap in a matter of a second or two.
    I have never seen a grown man curse, vomit and cry so much in all of my born days.
    Chores from that morning until our departure were far more evenly distributed among our happy camp of early-risers.

  2. Thanks Andrew, the things are made for stories if only they are recognized for such. I might have just changed my mind about going fishing with you, especially overnighting unless I sleep with my eyes wide open! Thanks for the giggle though ……..

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