8 comments on “THE SWEET OF THE SEASON

  1. I’m with anotherwordforit!

    Sometimes when I write I disappear into my own experience, reliving detail that becomes eerily ‘real’ even though the adventure may have happened ages ago. Just now reading this beautiful piece invoked the same feeling – bravo Peter!

    FYI have moved metiefly to a different url for the time being – please visit http://flyfishingwithme.com and let me know how I can assist your local conservation and protection of Trout endeavours from afar? I am building a large list of like minded people from all over the world!

    Looking forward to your next post – best regards – Mark

    • Thank you Mark. And, also for your offer to assist with our conservation of trout efforts. I had a quick look at your new site, but will spend more time there later – looks good.

      All the best.


  2. What Peter does is to describe the feeling of being out in the world; that understanding that a pristine stream is part of an ecosystem and that the ecosystem is part of something bigger. That fishing such a stream is uplifting and fulfilling. In my mind God loves on a trout stream not in a cathedral.
    At risk of sounding like a ‘fan’ not many people can put in words this understanding of the world.
    Peter, old son, you have a rare and beautiful talent.

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