15 comments on “THENDELA FLY FISHING

  1. Peter – it’s been a while since I had the luxury of visiting your site – THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! Wishing everyone involved every success and sending my very best – Mark.

  2. Had a great day there yesterday. Onset of storm ruined things around midday. Richard showed me a video of a monster caught previously. I rushed a whale of a fish that was slashing at sedge. A whale, I tell you. Up in beat six.

    • There be monsters in there. I must go back and visit the hole that I know holds a solid brownie. Good to give support to Richard and his team as well.

      • What great guys. I just love how unusual it all is. A fish ran into the skirts of a lady rinsing her washing, me in furious pursuit with rod high and net in hand. A good laugh all round.

  3. A group of 5 of us stayed at Riverside and Richard took us to some very good water
    He is a exceptional person as well as being a great guide
    His passion for fly fishing is great as is his knowledge
    Nearly as big as passion for his community and the up liftment
    We got 2 very good fish in difficult conditions
    A 2kg and a personal best of 3.5kg and a nice long trout
    A pity the river was closed but that will even be better

    Thanks Richard for the good time from all of us

    • Thanks for the comments Andre. Were those fish from stillwaters in the area? some good water around in the Kamberg..

      • I agree Richard is a great guide and does very good work in the community He took us to some very good still waters a few months ago Highly recommended

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