1. Oh man, memories. I was at Umtata High School for 6 years. As headboy I went into the headmasters office frequently (actually, before that too) and thumbed through it there – he scooped it!

    • Memories indeed. What year were you headboy and who is ‘anotherwordforit’? I spent many fleeting moments in the headmaster’s office, but never enough time page through any books, and usually left in a hurry to begin rubbing the pain away!

      • I matriculated in 1990. I’m Andrew Savides. We were in the office a lot. First 4 years of high school for regular beatings, but then we got roped (as a multi racial school) into traveling around to other schools to show them that the changes coming weren’t scary. At the time I was a committed bait chucker; like every good Transkian lad. Studied and then returned to Umtata where I worked for a civil engineering consultant who also chaired the Transkei Piscatorial Society. One of my jobs was seeing to the health of the denizens in the hatchery at Mabeleni dam. And so I alternated between rock bait and flies. I’m not a great fly fisherman; I’ve always fished alone and have made it up as I go along. It is still a passion though. But a passion for the whole experience- moving water and big, big skies. Also, I talk too much.

  2. Oh, if you’re ever back in the Kei and have a rod to hand, I did a bit of ‘under the cover of darkness’ stocking of the streams in and around Langeni Forest and, while I haven’t been back, I’m told they’re fishing wonderfully.

    • Thank you for the information Andrew. I have always wanted to return to some of the waters of my youth and will certainly bear Langeni Forest streams in mind when I’m in that neck of the woods again. Always exciting finding little hidden gems.

  3. Its a great book and I often read through it. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of it by Tony Biggs when he lived in Durban in 1979. The price is still in it R12-50c!!
    Thanks Mike Southgate.

    • It is indeed Mike. Lucky to get one owned previously by Tony. They are becoming a lot harder to find these days.

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