4 comments on “SUNBURNT TROUT.

  1. Peter – are you familiar with the writings of Aldo Leopold ( author of, “A Sand County Almanac” )? If not, go this URL and read: http://www.aldoleopold.org/ . If so, then you know about topics of which Aldo commented on constantly: phenology and land ethic. To him – and to me – they go hand-in-hand.

    Phenology is the scientific / observed accounting of day-to-day occurrences of climate on plant and animal existence.
    Land ethic is the conscious driving force behind how we, humans, approach our use -and ultimately our impact- of/upon the land, upon which we depend -and share will all life -for our, and their, existence.

    Thus, your ‘observations’ of the conditions within your fishing areas -over the 30+ years of your experience- are not without their own ‘bona fide science’. There is no conflict between science and the natural world, only the conflict between agendas of humans seeking their own personal desires and how they ‘want’ science to support their personal agendas.

    Yes, our world is changing; and NOT for the better. Change that alters the ability for nature to maintain its hold on the delicate balance between destruction and continuity, is NOT good change; in the sense of being healthy for humans and other life-forms that depend on the relative continuity of the four seasons and weather patterns that accompany them. The old 1970’s marketing notion of, ‘Saving the Earth’, is pure bunk advertorial drivel. The earth would be here long after we destroy the delicate balance needed to support “life-as-we-know-it”. We can’t save anything. But we can preserve our spot in the chain of life.

    Such ‘bad for life-as-we-know-it’ change can occur through forces totally beyond the reach of man: volcanic, tectonic, astronomical, to name a few. But, we – humans – have dipped our meddling fingers into the areas we do have effect upon; the climatic weather generators: air, land, water; and we have altered, in a negative way, the forces that direct the outcomes of natural climactic events.

    Over the course of human existence, there has never existed the means to inflict such affect upon the forces that influence and direct climactic change… not until the last 100 years. During that period three (3) major ingredients for this unprecedented alteration mixture have taken place:

    1) Human Population Growth: the exponential growth of the physical human footprint on the planet is well beyond the natural conditions of control, the earth is capable of handling. We are nearing the ‘tipping point’ of too many humans for the earth’s biological ability to compensate for our presence.

    2) Geophysical Alterations: humans are changing the very nature and function of the surface, sub-surface and atmospheric realms of our planet. We are also altering it in ways we do not know the future outcomes _ negative or positive. And despite this level of unknown-outcomes, we not only continue to march onward in blindness, we continue to increase that unknown exposure, by our influence and types of influence. All of this is compounding the nature and complexity of the outcomes.

    3) Social and Aetiological Ignorance: as never before, mankind has an even weaker grasp on Whom We Are, Why We Are and Where We Are Going. Oh, we have scads more information about all sorts of things relating to the political, economic, biologic, physical aspects of human life – but the real reason for being on this orbiting blue orb has never been more muddied, less understood and even less cared about. The dearth of knowledge -and caring- for the ‘purpose of life’- has led humanity on a path ending in a loss of compassion for LIFE. I do not mean the pursuit of life… but of LIFE as a sacred and precious commodity.

    Your life. My life. Our neighbor’s life. The life of a man, woman, child across the street or around the world who does not know or think as we do. The life that grows within the bellies of our own species is no longer held immutable and precious. But are now expendable based upon the whims of the human agenda. This depletion of natural affection and care – cannot occur; and does not; within a vacuum. Its tentacles have spread far and wide and now effect the very way we conduct our daily activities regarding all aspects of life: current and future. When people, whom are charged with the future of the masses, no longer see a need for future – we, as a species, are in serious trouble.

    We are in SERIOUS TROUBLE.

    And as bad as the lack of concern for our effect upon the climate is, it is but one of a number of growing cancers in our social structure. All of which – even on their own plane – are fatal. Together they are the end of life as we know it.

    Let us hope the Promise holds. For that is ALL -and the ONLY- Hope that truly exists.

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