11 comments on “ANTS

  1. Thanks for the reminder on a great pattern Peter. I have had great success with versions of Ed’s sunken ant when the usual suspects aren’t producing. What has worked for me is to use red and golden translucent glass beads for the abdomen which work really well for the glimmering and glowing effect mentioned. I secure the bead in position with a tapered thread wrap which also gives the abdomen a more natural shape. They have worked a like a charm on the Cape streams.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I like the idea of glass beads and they will certainly provide the glowing effect. For the sunken version how do you add weight and what do you use for the head?

      • The glass bead carries some weight, but I usually use a small tungsten bead for the head which looks very similar to the one in your photo and it sinks well enough. If I need to fish deeper I tie the ant pattern onto the back of a heavier nymph, like a Zak, New Zealand style. The ant patterns effectiveness really showed itself to me on how often the ant was taken and the Zak wasn’t touched. I’d add a photo, but I’m out of the country at the moment, alas not fishing.

      • Interesting. I do my rig the other way around with a small drowned unweighted beetle behind. When you get a chance I’d be keen to see your fly. Best

  2. Hi Peter, Here are a couple of sunken ant patterns with a bead abdomen and one with a bead abdomen and head. They work for me and I quite like the iridescence.

    • Thanks for the pics emailed Platon. Nice fly and I can understand why they work. Chatting to Ed about ants I think one of the significant trigger features is the slim waist. obviously the profile overall and wings help with familiarity. I think the reason they wouldn’t post in your reply here is that they are tiff images. Try converting to jpegs.

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