4 comments on “GATES AND FENCES

  1. Peter, lovely piece, I have always been fascinated by farm gate fasteners, often thought of doing a book on them because they are, whilst troublesome to a point, equally remarkable. Frequently engineered with what is at hand, generally durable and in their own right creative. I love farm gates, although my waders don’t necessarily share my opinion.. 🙂

    • Thank you Tim, I appreciate the comments. Indeed they are fascinating and although I didn’t have a book in mind, I have for my own interest been photographing them whenever the gate’s character or the fastener appeals to me.

  2. In my opinion, and I may be biased, one of your best articles. I can relate, and in one particular situation, had a slightly different experience to the one’s you mention here. On one of my visits to Ireland for a special friend’s wedding, I managed to find some time to fish for the local trout. It was pouring with rain and I was soaked but had spotted a good stretch of river just up ahead. Certain that it held good fish, I decided to climb the farmer’s wooden style being very careful not to touch the electrified fence. Unfortunately for me, my very wet fly-rod, happened to rest on the electrified fence….you know when you whimper like a puppy, and scream like a girl???…it was one of those moments, where you have a quick look around to be sure no one is watching. I caught 2 browns in that pool and crossed back more carefully on my way back to the car!

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