1. Nice write-up Peter. I too, have heard of Bob’s store, but have never been there. I doubt I will ever get there .. since, I pretty much swore off ever going to CA again after my short, but very eventful 6 months there (LA area, too!!) in 1971. Thus far, I’ve kept my promise .. all these 43 years!! But who knows … for fly-fishing and a few folks who live in CA, that I’ve gotten to know as FNYM – I might be persuaded to break that long-standing vow! Maybe…

    Ms Madison is a grand looking little granddaughter there, too. And if she’s visited the flyshop BEFORE she’s been to a dress or shoe shop… WOW..! That might be something promising. Name may have some mystical quantities.. Eh? Best! 🙂

    • Thanks for the reply and kind comments Les. I’m not really in a position to comment but from first impressions, LA is not somewhere I’d rush to visit other than to be with family. I loved Seattle where they were before and of cours the fishing in the Cascade mountains added to the attraction. LA leaves me with a feeling of a rather ‘plastic’ society (although I shouldn’t generalize!) and just another congested city. My family are lucky in that they live in a very nice neighbourhood. Bob Marriott’s was worth the visit and I could have spent a lot more! All the best.

  2. I’m five grand-children behind you as of now, but some day I may catch up!

    If you happen to make it North, I have a rod and small stream waiting!

    • Thanks Steve. Grand kids are an absolute joy. Unfortunately with this trip little time and no traveling on the cards as much as I’d love to and thanks for the invitation…… Next time.

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