1. Injisuthi is a special place. We took family holidays there as kids from the mid seventies into the eighties, when it was privately owned (and called “Solitude”), and I remember my parents dropping myself and a highschool friend off there to camp and fly-fish for five days. We were there last year in March, but the rivers were so full they were dangerous to wade!

    Great pics Peter!

    Withdrawal symptoms indeed.

    • Thanks Andrew, it is a special place. I knew Tiny Harries who owned Solitude before he sold to the then Parks Board. In the early days he had to maintain the road and his bridges were washed away more than once. You have reminded me – I must give him a call and find out how he is doing.
      Cheers and keep up the interesting posts on your blog, always a delight.

      • Hi there Peter . I’m not into fishing or anything of that nature , But iNjasuthi is such a special place me and our family . We 1st went in 1978 , and at new year everyone in the camp was invited up to the house for new years eve party . all dressed up and slipping and slidind in the wet and muddy pathway . I have returned every year , sometimes 3 or 4 times in a year , just to be home . In recent times my mate now living in Oz , comes over every 18 mths , and that means the ritual of hiking to Lower iNjasuthi came , and living in the garden of eden for 5 days . my Mom and Dad both passed away recently , and we walk up van Heynigans to soon to spread their ashes . My will states that my last trip will also be back home , so my closest will have to keep suffiently fit to do van Heynigans AND lower iNjasuthi to drop me off . There are so many memories , but i would love to hear from you and any update on Tiny , although i was too young then to know him . Mark , Durban .

      • Hi Mark,
        Injisuthi is a special place and holds many happy memories for me not just the fishing but time spent in the area and hiking in the high Berg with my great friends John Hone and Dave Osborne (both who have also passed on). John introduced me to Tiny many years ago and although we communicated from time to time, I only really knew him through John. I visited him at his daughters house in Pmb a few years ago when I gave him a copy of my book. He was in his eighties then. From comments I saw on facebook, I think he passed away about a year ago. I tried to contact his daughter without success to confirm. I will try again.

  2. Grant Visser, “I’m having withdrawal symptons… My season doesn’t start for another three months, so I know how he feels!

  3. Congratulations for your blog, is very interesting and i really enjoy the photos, flies, and trouts you show in it.
    In addition, that fly fishing and those places are very similar to mine fly fishing and little rivers where i practice our fishing art here, in Sierras de Córdoba, Argentina.
    All the best.

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