8 comments on “GOOD FOR THE SOUL

      • Uncle Pete how far from the main gate was this? Below or above the split? If its above the split was it to the left or to the right? I am asking as I have fished that split to the left on route to that swimming hole. Here the going is tough but the water is as beautiful as anything I have ever seen. Still need to fish the split to the right. Also want to fish that split to the left past the chalets. The water is really looking good right now. Thanks for sharing, wish I could have been there with you guys.

        Best Regards


      • Hi Koos – All the pictures were taken below and above the main camp. We were going to fish the bottom stretch above the gates in the afternoon, but were chased off with a storm and heavy rain. I know the bottom water you are talking about – lovely water and tough going in places with the boulders and vegetation. The top section we fished takes the most fishing pressure because it has such easy access, pretty piece of water and there are higher sections that I still want to explorer, but it is going to take some time and bundu bashing.
        All the best

    • Indeed Mark. looking forward to the season ahead while remembering what all the past seasons have been, is what much of fly fishing is about.

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