8 comments on “LOOK IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE ……….

    • It is indeed and I do think that more than anything else the bugginess and movement are the things that get the fish excited. Thank for the comments.

  1. First time I’ve seen this fly. Would you mind posting the material used in the fly, it’s tough to make out the whole thing in the photo’s – thanks

    • Hi Mark,
      I use a light wire dry fly hook with a gape as wide as you can find in #12 to 18. Adjust materials to suit.
      Tail length long up to double shank length for balance with 6 or so cream/white hackle fibres. Red thread tag about three quarters shank length back from the eye and then add a white hen hackle (quality not important). In front of this add a ginger hackle of similar length to the white. Before winding on add 10 to 12 long (length your choice) squirrel or fox hairs for the legs facing towards the eye and manipulate them more or less evenly around the shank. Now push these back and up and take a few turns of thread on the eye side to hold in that position. Now carefully wind the ginger hackle forward through the legs splaying them more or less evenly and being careful not to trap them in the hackle turns. Finish the hackle behind the eye and secure.
      I hope this makes sense but if not email me at pbrigg@iafrica.com and I can give more information for clarity. You can experiment with hackle colours I have used those from the original pattern. The fox or squirrel is a Wapsi product. I also sometimes use jackal, I like the kinky shape in the hairs.

    • Thanks Steve, I know this spider well and find them often in the house especially when it hasn’t been dusted in a few days. usually in the corners against the ceiling. But in certain respects like the fly.

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