4 comments on “THE DRY FLY FISHERMEN

  1. Dry flies, yes please! There is definitely something poetic about watching the ‘take’ on a clear mountain stream. I have no preference for whether the fly is gently sipped or aggressively ‘smashed’ as long as the hook is barbless and the fish can be released for another battle.

  2. For the life of me, I just can’t bring myself to tie on a wet or nymph before trying a dry. I even fish them without floatant so they slip under the film. There’s just something about watching the fly disappear off the surface that makes one all warm and fuzzy!

    Our season here is just two months from being done. So will be lost on the water more and more as the time draws to a close.

    • Agreed Steve, a man after my own heart. You can’t beat the visual beauty, anticipation and surprise – of the dry fly and much more rewarding if you do manage to get the trout to rise to the surface. Its that eye ball to eye ball stuff that creates a strong connection between angler and the quarry.

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