11 comments on “STREAMS, VICES AND FLIES.

  1. Ah!, the small mountain streams. So crystal clear, that one can see life’s reflection. Obsessed…consumed…and dare I say, almost controlled by them!

    My son will tease me when playing a 8″, or even a 6″ trout. When heading out to those streams, I become like a young child on Christmas morning fraught with anticipation.

    Wonderful piece Peter.

    • Thank you Steve. Don’t forget to get in touch when you are next in SA, we need to fish a stream together. I think you will enjoy my home waters.

      • A trip to your waters is on my current list of things to do.

        Next time you’re over here visiting the family, yer welcome at my campfire.
        I don’t live too far from them, so it would be easy to fit in a stream trip.

        It is summer here now, and the small streams are calling.

    • Thanks Mark. The little spent mayflies are one of my favourite small stream flies. Seldom fail to produce results even when the trout aren’t showing signs of rising. I think it is just such a familiar profile that they can’t resist. Catch you later. Peter

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