6 comments on “BOOTS-n-ALL

  1. Great post Peter!

    Up to my ears in it here – Leg1 of the CTC starting and everything arrives at once…..

    Chat soon.



  2. Hi Peter
    I am a confirmed felt sole man. My Chota’s with three studs in the toe and another three in the heel give me enough purchase on the walk in and have saved me countless unfortunate events in the river. I suppose it is a confidence thing but I will happily spend the extra money for the peace of mind quality felt sole boots give me.
    Kind regards

    • Thanks for the input Ian. As I said, it’s what does it for you that counts and what you feel comfortable with. I just find that most wading boots I have had don’t stand up to hiking and fishing with the kind of stuff I do in the rugged mountain terrain.

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