6 comments on “A SLICE OF RURAL AFRICA

  1. Uncle Pete I loved reading this piece and the photos really puts the piece in context.

    One year when we visited Lotheni we took sweets, basic stationery and some El Cheapo plastic Soccer Balls along. As you know these kids bearly speak anything but Zulu, but give them a ball, sweets or some basic stationery and you will have a Zulu Boy thanking you in Zulu first, English and hearing Baja Dank u is just priceless in their broken Afrikaans.

    These far off places really has the best of people S.A has to offer. Gave a youngster a lift for a few kms to the Bushmans earlier this year. He said that he missed Jhb as he has lots of friends up there and that he decided to take the year off in order to take care of his grand mother as his grand father died recently. I sat and listened to him in absolute awe. What a good man and that at the ripe age of 19.

    Thanks for this lovely article

    • Glad you enjoyed it Koos. We so often focus on our fishing and sometimes overlook what is around us. Most of my trips into the Drakensberg involve passing through these rural areas and at times interacting with the warm, friendly and humble folk that live in the countryside. Thanks for you comments.

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