1. These look awesome! Would you consider sharing your recipe for tying these? I’m keen to give these a go in the Umzimkulu and Mooi rivers.

  2. Hi Kyle,
    The tying of the two nymphs are identical, just different materials. I use Grip 11011BL hooks in #14 and #16, tungsten bead. Coc de Leon fibres for the tail, copper wire ribbing, dubbing of choice (usually hares ear with plenty of guard hairs). The flash or tag I use DMC embroidery thread, but there are plenty of similar materials for this.
    The soft hackle I also tie in #14 and #16 and partridge Klinkhammer Extreme hooks, but any similar shape would be okay. The abdomen has a layer of peacock herl with a clear V rib over that, hares ear dubbing for the thorax, tungsten bead set back a few mm from the hook eye and then finished with partridge breast feather for the soft hackle.
    I use these flies because of their weight in fast water and when I want to get down deep or quickly. I also usually fish them New Zealand rig style with a smaller unweighted or lightly weighted fly tied about 40 cm off the bend.
    I hope you can follow these if not, let me know.

    • This is perfect! Thanks Peter! I’m definitely going tie a few of these and and give them a go. I’ll dedicate the first fish I catch on one of these to you 🙂

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