1. Perhaps Mr Puffy took a look at this scruffy, bestubbled individual and decided “Nooit – no way do I stick my fangs into him – I’ll wait for something more respectable to come along!”.

    Glad you had a productive trip you lucky bugger.


    • Ja, Maitland that is a clear possibility, but a scary moment and one I don’t want to repeat ….. ever! Considering what feels like a 100 years of scrambling around those mountain just one close shave doesn’t sound a bad risk. But one would be more than enough with a puffy. I’m already browsing for Turtle Skin snake gaiters for the next trip. Best to you.

  2. Lovely blog, soul food. By the way I recently came close to standing on a big puffy ready to stike on the Bushmans, invested in some Turtle Skin gaiters , best investment Ive made , gives me real peace of mind.

    • Thanks Craig. I have been searching the web for an agent in the Seattle area where my daughter is so she can organise for me rather than pay the price in SA.

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