1. Not the first instance a fly being taken mid-cast…

    In the dying light on a dam in the old Transkei I had a bat take my fly as it paused on the back cast. By then it was pretty dark I was confused as I looked for where the fly landed on the water. It had snared itself in the bay’s chest fur and I had to retrieve the bat like some kind of manic kite.

    • Indeed, since the post I have had a few interesting and similar stories, of swallows, other dragon flies, yours and another bat. I also once had a kingfisher flying upstream get its wing tangled with my leader in mid-air, but fortunately it came lose before any damage was done.

  2. Fantastic to know; I’ve been accused of fabricating this more than once. Swallows have, many times, swooped at a dry I’ve been fishing, but I’ve fortunately never hooked one. On the Mooi in the Kamberg on the broad section above the old hatchery where you can get long, long drifts with a dry swallows can become a menace.

    It’s never happened to me on still water. I’ve never paused to think about it before, but it’s pretty strange. Perhaps they too get a longer chance to look at it.

    I hooked a puffadder by lodging a hook in its scales in the rocks at Lotheni once, courtesy of a shocking over cast. On the same day I had a tarantula looking thing climb into the leg of my trousers and was menaced by a massive troop of baboons. But that’s another story for another day.

    Incidentally, your book is something that you can be exceptionally proud of. To capture somthing so difficult to describe so succinctly and beautifully is a skill that comes to this world only every few generations. Thank you for sharing it with us.


    • Thanks Andrew – interesting stories and I’m sure that each angler has one or two experiences to relate, some scary and humorous and others that defy all logic, or logic as we understand it.

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