13 comments on “CALL OF THE STREAM – MY BOOK

  1. Hi Peter,

    I’ve been given a copy of your gorgeous book recently. I’m interested in purchasing some copies from you. Can you please email me at the address provided?

    Tight Lines

    Nick Taransky

      • Hi Peter

        My name is Veronica Shuttleworth. My brother Steve Wood has your book and he phoned me the other night and told me you have the most beautiful pictures in it. When Steve was a young man he did some beautiful paintings but didn’t continue to paint until a few years ago. He is now 76yrs old and is still working as a pattern maker and I know this is a very hard and stressful job for a 76yr old man. He mentioned to me the other night that he would love to get your permission to paint some of your pictures. Because of the wonderful gift God has given to him I feel if he could get known as an artist he could give up work and use his talent to make a living. He only paints from pictures and does his paintings at night after he gets home from work. He lives in Cape Town and I live in Pietermaritzburg. I looked in the phone book for a number for you but could not find one. I then went on to the internet to look if there was a contact number there but did not find one. This is the only contact I found. please could you let me know if it is possible for Steve to paint some of your pictures. my email is VeronicaShuttleworth@gmail.com my phone no. work 0333940940 home 0333442535 cell 0845148773.

        Thanking you

      • Hi Veronica, I have just arrived home after a
        4 day hiking/fishing trip in the Berg so will email in a day or two. Best regards.

      • Jim, Do you have an email address I can use because the one given keeps getting returned or other means of contact – thanks.

  2. Peter,

    I am unable to find your book anywhere online. Where can I order a copy? I am located in the US. Thanks.

    • Hi Shane,
      Thanks for the interest in my book. I can organize you a signed copy if you are prepared to wait until the second half of Jan 2016. My daughter Cathy, who lives in LA will be visiting us over the Dec/Jan period and returning around the 7th Jan. Provided she can find the space, she can take it back with her and mail directly to you from there. Would this suit you? The cost depending on exchange rates at the time, is around $35 excluding mailing cost. The money from all books I sell in the US get paid into Cathy’s account so she will contact you by email and give details in due course.

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  4. Hi Peter, I see on your blog a rock art image depicting San fishing. I’m busy writing an article on indigenous fishing and would be grateful if you’d let me have the locality/site name by email. It looks different to the published examples I have and I suspect I’m missing something. Best, Graham

    • Ok, Graham I think I have found it on the post dealing with rock art heritage. I was sworn to secrecy as to the exact location because of previous vandalism. I can tell you it is on the farm at Lupela and the Karingmelkspruit River.

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